Chemosafe® Isolator

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Chemosafe® Isolator

Chemosafe® isolators are specifically designed cytotoxic drugs reconstitution or monoclonal antibodies production in hospital pharmacy.

Isolators Chemosafe® ensure the maintain of containment and the protection of personnel. The « mooving forward » principle is respected and each production operation (finished products output, waste and remainders removal) follows a dedicated circuit avoiding the risk of cross-contamination.

In compliance with recommendations and standards for isolation technology in healthcare institutions, the HEPA filtered air flow (turbulent, unidirectional or laminar) and the pressure mode are adapted to your application.

Isolators Chemosafe® have been designed in close collaboration with of our end users. Work ergonomics are optimized with several standard comfort features.

Our designers will be happy to help you customize and set up your equipment to suit your needs.

Modular design : 2 gloves or 2 x 2 gloves in line or face to face

Just-in-time, internal storage or integrated robotic systems

Reversible positive ou negative pressure mode

H2O2 or PAA integrated biodecontamination system

Unidirectional, laminar or turbulent air flow

Remainders management with RTP type secure transfer system

Waste management with soft or rigid Chemo&Go® containers specifically designed for safe CMR disposal

Compatible with various drug management solutions, gravimetric or digital control